The Bay Area has an LGBTQ displacement crisis.

Gentrification relocates lower income populations to the margins. Traditionally LGBTQ and sex-positive neighborhoods get erased in the search for profit.

This problem is especially acute in the Bay Area. Queers are scattering in search of cheaper housing, constraining the time and presence they could give back to our community. Displacement is also an existential threat to the Castro and Folsom. It takes queer residents and communities to make an LGBTQ stronghold, not just rainbow sidewalks and tourist attractions.

By challenging face-to-face community-building and organizing, displacement threatens LGBTQ progress and erodes our influence in local politics. Because LGBTQ people have distinct housing and safety needs, it also harms our health, happiness and quality of life. For the elderly or disabled, displacement can kill.

Queer Land Trust will help mitigate this by acquiring and protecting spaces for queers of all genders and sexualities, especially youth and elders, artists and activists, the low-income and historically underserved. We'll advocate for strategic real estate and land use management within queer communities. We'll help community organizations plan for bequests and provide housing for their members.

By helping to house individuals and families based on the values and commitments they share, we'll fight discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality and other factors.

Beyond housing itself, our projects will contribute to the street culture of their neighborhoods and support volunteers in Bay Area queer organizations. Once we're off the ground in the Bay Area, we'll help bring cooperative housing models to queer communities nationwide.


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