Our Strategy

Queer Land Trust aims to raise $5M over five years and thereby assist in the acquisition of several buildings in San Francisco and the Bay Area which will remain queer strongholds in perpetuity. These buildings will be chosen based on three factors: community impact, sustainability and location near or in historically LGBTQ+ neighborhoods.

Each of these buildings will be managed in conjunction with an established LGBTQ+ community organization. These organizations will use the real estate to ensure their long-term sustainability and provide housing to some of their members and volunteers.

Our acquisitions might include:

  • Supportive housing for transgender individuals in the Compton's Cafeteria TLGB cultural district.
  • A sixteen-unit apartment building in SOMA with a spacious commercial ground floor suitable for leather social events.
  • A cooperative house in Bernal Heights with a glorious vegetable garden operated by and for queer & transpeople of color
  • A "Home for Aging Nuns" operated by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence nurturing supportive intergenerational relationships.
  • A Radical Faerie collective in the heart of the Castro (see below).

These properties will preserve affordable housing and support organizations that could not otherwise afford to acquire real estate. They will act as a beacon, renewing and spreading queer cultures, communities and ideas, and ensuring our community's base in the San Francisco Bay Area does not wane away.

Beyond these flagship acquisitions, we are also exploring the possibility of designing LGBTQ-friendly limited equity cooperatives which could allow individuals housing security at below prevailing rates.

Certainly, real estate is complicated and expensive. We’re likely to explore several opportunities for each successful acquisition campaign. That’s why housing for the queer community requires its own organization.